Welcome to Monica's Shih Tzus

10 Rules

1.        My expected life span is only 10-15 years and I want to spend as much time as possible with you.  Before you       adopt  me, please remember to make sure you can spend time with me.

2.        Please remember to be patient with me. It will take time for me to understand what you expect and want from me.

3.        Please don’t give me away to someone else.  I will not be able to understand why you left me.

4.        Please don’t scold me or punish me for too long; like leaving me in a small area.  You have friends and hobbies, but all I have is you.

5.        Please talk to me sometimes.  I may not understand what you are saying, but I can feel
your warmth and love through your voice.

6.        Please remember to handle me with care and I will promise to give you unconditional


7.        Before you think about ever hitting me, please remember that even though I have sharp teeth, I will never harm you.

8.        Before you think that I am a bad dog and scold me, please think and try to understand why I would do bad things to make you upset.  Maybe you left me home for too long, maybe I don’t feel too good, maybe I am getting old....

9.        Please don’t leave me when I get old and weary.  I want to be with you till my last breath.

10.      When I die, please don’t be sad or cry.  My time with you has been wonderful.  Just  don’t  forget me.